Our Deepest Sorrow: A Prayer of Lament

Prayer of Lament – Hinson Baptist Church – Morning Worship – April 29, 2018

Our Heavenly Father,

Though we gather here this morning cleaned up on the outside, maintaining a cheerful exterior, Lord you know our hearts. We are those who are lost and ruined by the Fall. We represent all kinds of griefs, and sorrows, and burdens here this morning.

Oh God, you know the particular physical suffering that exists in this congregation. We are those who have been ravaged by all manners of sickness and disease… by cancers, by chronic illness, by incurable diseases, by mental illness, and much more. In our bodies, our minds, our emotions, we have felt the curse of the Fall. And God, we confess to you… this is hard. Oh God, surely You see the daily, moment by moment battles… the despair, the nausea, the pain, the loss of perspective, the endless and seemingly ineffective treatments… Oh God, surely you hear the cries and prayers of your people, in all this… as we pray for ourselves, for our loved ones, for our children. And yet, so often those answers seem to come so slowly… or even not at all… Oh God we know Your promises to work good in our trials, but Lord we confess, oftentimes, we just don’t see it. It just doesn’t make any sense. So God, help us. Do not abandon us. See our suffering and act, in Your mercy.

Oh God, we are a people who have seen death. Many here this morning grieve the death of a spouse, the death of a child, the death of a friend. We miss those loved ones. Our hearts ache. And the nights are long and lonely. Oh, Lord, we know from Your Word that death was not initially a part of Your Creation. We know that death is your judgment on sin. But Lord, we pray do not abandon us in your judgment. Because you more than any of us feel the wrongness of death. You are the God of Life.

So even as we live in the midst of all this death, as we ourselves live in these dying bodies, oh Lord do not forsake us. Do not leave us in our sorrow. Please show us the light of Your face.

Because in the midst of all this suffering and dying, our deepest sorrow is not our physical pain. Our deepest sorrow is the distance that we feel from You. Our deepest sorrow is the fact that we are separated from You, our God, our Father. We do not see you face to face. We never have! And though we know and believe that You are here and that You have entered our world… still we live by faith and not by sight. We mourn that we are not with you now. In our suffering, we are again and again reminded of that separation, reminded of our sin, of the judgment we deserve, of Your wrath against our sin. So God, please be merciful to us. Do not allow Satan to use our suffering to deceive us. IN the midst of our suffering, hold on to us. Oh God, we believe that You have provided the greatest answer to our suffering in the resurrection of Your Son. Impress upon our hearts the truth and hope of the gospel. Help us to hear the comfort of the gospel louder than the condemnation of our pain. Help us to see Christ, our suffering Savior, our sympathetic High Priest. Cause our hearts would be satisfied in Him. Be merciful to us. We pray this in Christ’s name.


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