He Came Back

Taken from the liner notes of Andrew Peterson’s latest album – Resurrection Letters, Vol. 1:

After that brutal Friday, and that long, quiet Saturday, he came back.

And that one act of grace changes everything. It changes the very reason I drew breath today and the way I move about in this world I was born into because I believe he’s coming back again. Here I am in the waiting time, when the world has gone on for more than two millennia since Jesus’ feet tread the very earth he spoke into being. What would they have said back then if someone had told them that some two thousand years later we’d still be waiting? They would’ve thought back to that long Saturday when Jesus’ body lay in the tomb and said, “Two thousand years will seem like a breath to you when you finally lay your crown at his feet. We don’t even remember what we were doing on that Saturday, but let me tell you about Sunday morning. Now that was something.”

These many years of waiting will only be a sentence in the story and we will remember them no more. This long waiting will have an end, and I believe it will end in glory, when we will shine like suns and walk the green hills of the High Countries with those we love and the One we love. We may look with our new eyes and speak with our new tongues and turn to each other and say, “Do you remember the waiting? The long years, the bitter pain, the gnawing doubt, the relentless ache?” And the answer will be: “Yes, but then came the light, and the voice calling my name, and the overwhelming joy that the waiting was finally over.” The stone will be rolled away for each of us.

May we wait with faithful hearts.

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