Confession: Making Light of Sin

Prayer of Confession – Hinson Baptist Church – Morning Worship – Nov. 01, 2015 – Reflecting on Numbers 25:1-13

Heavenly Father, when we read Your Word, when we see how You respond to sin… Lord we have to confess that far too often, we do not view sin the way You do.  Oh Lord, You are holy. You see and hate sin for what it is.  Wicked.  Destructive.  And most of all, an affront to Your goodness and glory.

And so Lord, it grieves us to think how lightly we view sin.  Forgive us for how desensitized we’ve become to the heinousness of sin.

Oh Lord, forgive us for the way we find humor in sin and laugh at sin.

Forgive us for the ways in which we entertain ourselves with sinful thoughts and activities.

Oh Lord, forgive us for how pragmatic we can be, caring more about results than righteousness, fearing people more than You.

Forgive us for how so often, we try to serve two masters, thinking minimizing Your authority in our lives

Forgive us for how easily we presume on Your grace, taking Your forgiveness and mercy for granted.

Forgive us for having a category for respectable sins… sins which are clearly wrong from Your Word, but we think are no big deal.

Forgive us for how easily we can grieve the consequences of our sin, more than the sin itself.

Forgive us for how easily we compare ourselves to others in order to minimize and excuse our sin, thinking that at least we’re not like them.

Forgive us for how we can get angrier when sin is done against us, than when sin is done against You.

Forgive us for caring way more about other people’s sins than about our own sin.

And even when we do recognize our sin, forgive us for the ways in which we try to fix it with effort and rules, rather than turning to the salvation You have provided.

Oh Lord, in all these ways, we confess that we have failed to see the truth about our sin. We have minimized our sin, we have downplayed our sin.  And therefore our repentance has so often been shallow and insincere.  Even in our repentance, we have sinned.  Oh God, have mercy on us.  Forgive us for our sin.  Make us as zealous as You are for Your honor in our lives.  Do this, because we belong to You.  And open our eyes to the reality of Your holiness.  We pray this in Christ’s Name, Amen.

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