Growing Healthy Asian American Churches – Book Review

I’ve written a short review of Growing Healthy Asian American Churches, edited by Peter Cha, Steven Kang (whose office is right next to David Wells’ at GCTS) and Helen Lee. My introduction:

The dilemma for ethnic churches is a familiar one: Immigrants move to a foreign country in search of opportunities. They are drawn to other immigrants who share the same language and culture, and plant churches together so that they can worship in their native tongue and cultural context, and raise their families in these churches. But the difficulty begins with the next generation, as their children begin losing the traditional culture, replacing it with the local culture. Even as the ethnic church continues to provide a familiar community for new immigrants, it becomes decreasingly relevant for each passing generation. How will the church deal with these two increasingly different groups under one roof? How can the church ensure that it is built on biblical truth, rather than a particular culture? How does an ethnic church fit into the bigger picture of what God is doing? These and many other difficulties face Asian American churches today.

Read the rest here.

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