– CHBC is now podcasting. Here is a wealth of sermons that will enrich your soul for you to listen to on your commute to work. I would personally recommend Mark’s latest sermon on Ruth, Mike Gilbart-Smith’s sermon from Philemon, and Michael Lawrence’s series on Biblical Theology from this summer.

– This past Saturday, I was hanging out in Mark’s study writing while he’s working on his sermon and it gets to be about 10:45PM and he asks me, “Do you want to go downstairs and play a video game?” So we go down and we play this game on Xbox which is a 1st person shooter where you control these robots and go around trying to destroy each other. And he absolutely demolished me all night. He said he’s had Al Mohler, Lig Duncan and even Iain Murray down there playing the game (supposedly Lig was the best). The following night, after service review, two more interns joined us and we went at it again. This time, I was barely able to win one match, but Mark still pretty much dominated.

– Every week, a few of the interns help out in Mark’s archives, where we sort and organize books, magazines, journals and other documents that can’t fit in his study. This past week, I got to file some of his old correspondence. It was cool to see how much communication and mutual encouragement there is between the different pastors and theologians. I even got to see Piper’s first letter to Mark way back in the mid 90’s.

The Christian Ministry by Charles Bridges is excellent… easily my favorite book of the internship so far. If anyone feels the Lord leading him into full-time pastoral ministry, this is a must read. It might make you re-consider whether you are really called to the ministry, but better that you ask those sorts of questions now than later.

– Anybody check out the T4G blog lately? =)

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