Gracious promises

This fall, I will be taking a semester off from my seminary studies in order to take part in the internship program at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. In addition to the many great books I get to read, papers I get to write, and time I get to spend with the pastors and elders and brothers and sisters here at this church, one of the things I’m most looking forward to is simply sitting under five months of solid, Biblical preaching every Sunday. If this morning is any indication of what is in store, then I am in for a treat.

Michael Lawrence finished his series on Biblical Theology this morning, ending with the theme of Promise in the Bible. My favorite part was when he highlighted the fact that when God makes promises, He always makes them by grace and unconditionally. When He made the promise to Adam that the seed of the woman would crush the seed of the serpent in Gen. 3, this was a promise made in grace, right after they had sinned and rebelled against God. When God called Abram out of Ur and promised to bless him and make him a blessing to all nations, Abram was an idolater. When God called Moses and promised to make him into the human deliverer of His people, Moses was a fugitive and a murderer. When God called the people of Israel to Himself as His chosen nation, they were a rabble of helpless slaves. When God chose David to be His anointed, and promised that through him the Messiah was to come and rule forever, David was a mere shepherd boy, the youngest of many brothers, and would go on to one day be a murderer and an adulterer. And what about you? Did God choose you and make His promises in Christ to you because of your goodness or your works? No. God’s promises are made to undeserving sinners by His grace, unconditionally. All we deserve from God is everlasting ruin because of our sin. Never presume that God owes us salvation, nor despair in unbelief because of your sinfulness. Rather, believe in the amazing gracious promises that He has made in Christ… Very, very good stuff. You can download and listen to the entire five-part series here. It will edify your soul.

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