The glory of repetition

Doug Wilson writes,

Remember the glory of routine. The sun comes up every morning, and when it did so this morning, it did not come up tired and listless, muttering something about six thousand years of this.

The thing which keeps us from exulting in repetitive actions is simply this – sin. We are called to a life of cycles, and this is to be our glory. The pattern of inscrutable repetitions that is set out in the book of Ecclesiastes is something which the righteous, righteous only by grace, can enjoy. This enjoyment is wisdom in a world of vanity.

And this includes our worship. We gather here, again, to do many of the same things, again, and it would be easy to drift off the point. We have a call to worship. We confess our sins. We sing. We pray. We hear the sermon. We eat.

The sinful mind thinks that repetition is the signal to stop thinking, and wander off to something else. But the wise know that repetition is the signal to think about the need for repetition, and the nature of it, and the kindness resident in it.

Take to remember – this service of worship to God is glory to Him, and it is food for us. And a hungry man does not complain about the repetitive nature of the act of eating.

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