Luther and Bibleworks

As I’m saving up some money to buy the latest revision of Bibleworks that will soon be released, I consider the words of Martin Luther on the academic advantages of his day and the responsibility that accompanies them:

It is a sin and shame not to know our own book or to understand the speech and words of our God; it is a still greater sin and loss that we do not study languages, especially in these days when God is offering and giving us men and books and every facility and inducement to this study, and desires his Bible to be an open book. O how happy the dear fathers would have been if they had our opportunity to study the languages and come thus prepared to the Holy Scriptures! What great toil and effort it cost them to gather up a few crumbs, while we with half the labor — yes, almost without any labor at all — can acquire the whole loaf! O how their effort puts our indolence to shame.

In Luther’s day, he had none of the technological advantages of our day. When he wrote, he had to write with quills and ink (dip and scratch, dip and scratch), which is amazing considering the massive amounts of correspondence (no email!), treatises, papers, and sermons that he wrote. Of course in his studies, all he had were texts… no electronic commentaries, no instantaneous word searches, no parsings of Greek or Hebrew texts. Yet, here he is celebrating the amazing advantages that he has over our early church fathers. I wonder what he would say today…

One thought on “Luther and Bibleworks

  1. dan February 10, 2006 / 2:05 pm

    LOGOS RULES!!!!!!!!!!! and so does PCs!!!!!!!!!


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