Favorite audio from 2005

A lot of people post about their favorite books, so why not share my top three favorite sermons and albums from 2005 (I’ve included how long each sermon is so you can have an idea of how much time to allocate for listening to one):


The Suffering of Christ and the Sovereignty of God (44:27) by John Piper – 10/9/2005 – Desiring God National Conference – One of the most powerful sermons I have heard from John Piper yet, where he describes how suffering is an integral part of God’s eternal purpose of displaying the glory of His grace.

Beyond a Veggie Tales Gospel: The Bones of Joseph, the Kingdom of Christ, and the Story We Tell (34:04) by Russell Moore – 8/25/05 – SBTS Chapel Service – Dr. Moore talks about how important (and joyful) it is for our preaching and ministry to see our Christian lives as an ongoing part of redemptive history.

The Almost Inevitable Ruin of Every Minister… and How to Avoid It (37:42) by Don Whitney – 9/15/05 – SBTS Chapel Service – For all those who are in some type of vacational ministry or are contemplating in being in one, this is a must-hear (and even if you’re not, it is still a powerful sermon). Dr. Whitney reminds us of the importance of spiritual disciplines and the joys that await those who practice them, and the perils for those who neglect them.


Worship God Live by Sovereign Grace Ministries – These guys continue putting out rich, God-centered worship songs and this album is no exception. Favorite song on this album is God Moves, which is William Cowper’s famous hymn set to new music.

New Irish Hymns #4: Hymns for the Life of the Church by Keith and Kristin Getty – This couple played in a concert here at SBTS this past fall along with Stuart Townend (In Christ Alone, How Deep the Father’s Love for Us). They are supported by a local church back at home (somewhere in Europe) so that they can devote all their time to writing new, powerful, gospel-saturated, Christ-exalting hymns for the church. Favorite hymn on this album: The Power of the Cross

The Far Country by Andrew Peterson – Not as great as Love and Thunder but still very, very good. Andrew Peterson remains (in my opinion) the best Christian lyricist these days and in this album, he uses those talents to sing about our journey on earth to the far country. Little Boy Heart Alive and Lay Me Down are worth the price of the album.

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