And most of all…

“Oh, that the almighty God would help us see and savor the supremacy of his Son. Give yourself to this. Give yourself to this. Pray that God would show you these things in His word. Swim in the Bible every day. Don’t give it a little touch as you head off to do what you really like to do. Swim in the Bible every day! It is an ocean of bright glorious, weighty, all-satisfying truth about the one for whom you were made. Use the means of grace. Like God-centered, Christ-exalting books! Don’t go home without books to help you in this. Get John Owen on the Glories of Christ and the Mortification of Sin. Get Mahaney on the Cross and the glory of God in marriage. Get Powlison with his new eyes. Get Patterson on waiting and serving. Get Edwards on anything!

Get Noel Piper in the little book: “Mommy loves you and daddy loves and your cousins love you and your brother loves you and your sister loves you and your friends love you and MOST OF ALL… you know what that is? That is a translation for a three year old of the supremacy of Christ! Most of all JESUS loves you! Not most of all you’re the most important person. But most of all JESUS loves you. Don’t go home without Christ-centered, Bible-saturated, God-exalting books! Give yourself to being what God created you to be. And with all your getting—whatever it takes—get the all-satisfying supremacy of Christ at the center of your life.”

– John Piper in Sex and the Supremacy of Christ, pt. 2

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