Getting old

Carl Trueman laments the aging of his favorite rock stars over at Reformation21 blog:

the shortness of time: is Clapton really in his sixties? Is Ginger Baker really suffering from arthritis? And has Jack Bruce really had a liver transplant? The music is still marvellous, and better than anything being pumped out by the synthetic stars of today, but the men are old and wrinkled, shadows of their former selves. Nothing is so disturbing to the human mind as seeing the golden icons of yesterday going grey and fading away. Mortality is an unbearable thought, and old age is that most hideous reminder of the one thing we all hate and fear — the fact that we are not god. No wonder that the we spend so much of our lives and our money pretending that we are not getting old.

But cheer up — the word of the Lord lasts forever.

If only it were that easy. =)

One thought on “Getting old

  1. dan December 1, 2005 / 1:03 pm

    i am glad i am not old-dan


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