An atheist’s view of liberal Christianity

Russell Moore recently debated film-maker and atheist Brian Fleming and Joel Phelps, a pastor of a liberal church. He shares his thoughts on it on his blog. Fleming’s observations from this discussion were very telling of the inconsistecy of liberal theology.

The biggest division on the panel was not between Moore and me, however. I think that fundies believe crazy things, but I acknowledge that once you step into their fantasy world where a hateful, disturbed god wrote a book called the Holy Bible, the hateful, disturbed conclusions of Christian fundamentalists do make some kind of internal sense.

Liberal Christianity, despite being non-hateful and on many issues even ethical, is hopelessly incoherent, however. Liberal Christianity says a perfect God wrote a perfect book–but he made mistakes. Or, alternately, liberal Christianity says the book is an extremely flawed and even disgusting work written by men–but special attention should still be paid to it. Liberal Christianity says religion shouldn’t stand in the way of science–but a dead man did really rise from the dead. Probably. Or, at least, it’s not unreasonable to believe that he did (or that he turned water into wine and walked on water). Liberal Christianity says the love of Jesus is the only way to Heaven–but if some people don’t believe that, it’s fine to let their deluded souls go off to Hell without even trying to stop them. Or maybe Heaven and Hell don’t exist at all–but it’s still very, very important to praise this figure called “God.” For some reason.

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