A start

15+ years on this long road from ground to glory and I find myself not very far along in my journey of sanctification. But to progress in this journey is not like other journeys. The way you grow in holiness is not by directly pursuing holiness through discipline, asceticism, and exertion. If this was the case, then those with the strongest willpower and character would be able to boast in their might. Rather, the way to progress in this journey is by resting on grace. In God’s perfect design, those who are most weak and most broken are those who must rely the most on grace. And those who will continually depend on grace alone are those who will progress and grow far greater in holiness above those who rely on their own strength. Therefore, our first focus should not be on the strength of fleshly virtues, but rather on our helplessness and need of grace. I have learned that the only way to make progress in this journey is not by pursuing holiness directly out of my own power, but by 1) continually seeing my need of grace, 2) trusting in God’s promises of grace, 3) being transformed by the Spirit through that grace and 4) living a renewed life out of that grace. This is the way we must travel on this road. We run the race by resting. We walk the road by waiting. We progress through prayer. We must go through God if we are to be sanctified, so that He may get that glory and we may get the help. It has taken me 15+ years to learn this… I hope I have 15+ more to live it out.

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